LED RV Exterior Porch Utility 12v 1100 Lumen Warrior Flood Lighting Fixture

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The Leisure LED Exterior LED Flood Light is a high-capacity RV/trailer/toy hauler tool that simplifies livelihood, maximizes service, and intensifies performance all at once. Leisure LED 1-Year Warranty Weekend Warrior LED Flood Wall Mount Light 1100 Lumens Made with Environmently friendly technology and materials. Wide Voltage Range : 11-18 volts Applications include 12 Volts DC recreational vehicles. RV fluctuations can damage a regular LED. This LED is designed to withstand a wide operating voltage range. Flange dimensions 8 1/2" W x 9 1/2" H x 3" Deep 4" Round Bulb Color Temperature : 6000-6500K Cool White 56 High power 2835 LEDs. 10 Watts 50,000 hour life expectancy. Last many times longer than standard light bulb. In stock