30 amp Male to 15 amp Female RV Camper Generator Plug Outdoor Electrical Power Converter

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One-piece heavy duty adapter.
Made from heavy duty marine grade materials and constructed to the highest quality standards
RV Electrical Adapter Plug 30 AMP Male to 15 AMP Female Round Shape Straight 30M / 15F Amp Adapter

Long lasting PVC molded assembly with solid brass thru contacts which prevents electrical adapter burn outs. Mates 30 amp male power cable to 15 amp Female service. Contoured shape for easy removal from outlet

For use when RV has 15 AMP power and needs to plug into 30 AMP power source. Easily plug your camper into a regular outlet. This is great for hooking up camper in the backyard or with a drop cord. This is a must have if you own a camper