RV Slide Out Motor Adacel Slide Out Motor M-21C 30 RPM P-149 P1db1259

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30 RPM Slide Out Motor 12V DC, 59:1 Ratio, Living Room Motor Home and Other Manufacturers M-21C
Also Replaces Von Weise Part # V05726AH88, V05726AW88
Replacement 12V motor for all cable slide-out systems and certain gear rack slide-out systems manufactured by RBW Industries from 1994 to present.  Motor only, there is no external brake, no switches, pins or output shaft gears (see below).

Certain applications may be equipped with a gear on the end of the output shaft.  Make a count of the teeth on the gear (12, 15, 18, 20) and locate the appropriate gear under the application heading on this web site.