2 Pack LED Wedge Bulb Cool White and Base T10 194 921 Wedge Bulb to 1156 BA15S Bulb Rotating Base Converters Socket Adaptor (2 Pack with LED Panel Cool White)

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LED T10-1156 Base
Rotating T10 194 921 Base Wedge to 1156 BA15S ?Converters Bulb Socket Adaptor High Quality Ceramic Material Not Plastic FUNCTION: TO THE USER WHO WANTS TO TRANSFORM T10 BULB to Ba15s , and save money (Please note Ba15s is single filament without any brake function and usually for Turn Signal, Reverse, Marker use) Take T10 BULB to replace BA15S as illustration (The Bulb in the illustration is LED version, however this product can be used for also NON-LED bulb) Easy Installation High Quality Ceramic Material Not Plastic Incredible Heat Resistance, say Good bye to high temp from HID or Halogen Bulb. Plug and work directly, no need to cut anything. All new and ready to ship in stock Male & Female Connectors Available to use in RV, Motorhome, Trailer, car /MOTORCYCLE, SCOOTER, TRUCK BASE: 1156 BA15S (SINGLE CONTACT, NO BRAKE FUNCTION)